News and Media - 2019

Digital payment: the breakthrough is close

At the end of January, 17 of the 19 central banks in the eurozone ceased printing the 500 euro note; the remaining two countries, Germany and Austria, are set to bid a final farewell to the violet banknote at the end of April. It is not only the notes that are dying a death at the moment, though: coins, too, are increasingly being banished from day-to-day life. Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy, for instance, have already done away with one and two-cent pieces. While on the one hand money printing presses are increasingly falling prey to rust, on the other the range of contactless payment options is widening rapidly. PayPal, Google Pay and even Apple Pay: the list of providers of digital wallets is getting ever longer.

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Leonteq AG (SIX: LEON), an independent expert in structured investment products and long-term savings solutions, announced today that it generated record financial results in 2018.

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