Investment Solutions

Our offering for clients

With our cutting-edge and holistic technology platform we have significantly shaped the market for structured investment solutions since 2007. The platform delivers a comprehensive offering across asset classes, underlyings and payoffs, including several issuer options. Our tools are primarily designed for institutional clients, such as full-service banks and private banks, asset managers, insurance companies and pension funds.

Through our structured products application Constructor, we provide clients with access to one of the largest product and underlying universes in the industry. We continuously improve our infrastructure in order to increase the variety and transparency in the structured investment products market for all investors.

Offering for partners

We offer refinancing opportunities to banking partners by manufacturing and distributing their products in key European and Asian markets, including Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

We work together with world-leading and renowned banking partners in Switzerland, EMEA and APAC

Our partners can benefit from

  • Access to state-of-the-art tools and services
  • A highly scalable platform, with unmatched computing power
  • Automated processes which help to mitigate operational risks and increase transparency
  • Access to a best-in-class salesforce, covering clients in EMEA and APAC

Banking Solutions

We leverage our complete range of platform services, and offer modular IT solutions to mid-size retail and private banks to fully enable or to enhance their manufacturing and distribution capabilities with regard to structured investment products. Add-on services such as sales advisory training as well as risk management complete our comprehensive offering.

We achieve network scalability by empowering our partners

Insurance & Wealth Planning Solutions